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Modern, Dynamic Reporting Solutions

Coast Technology Services is here to help your business overcome reporting challenges and enable faster, better decisions with Solver's easy-to-use and flexible report writer. The Solver cloud suite offers modern and dynamic reporting with out-of-the-box integrations to many of the world’s most popular on-premise and cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. With the recent addition of Ad Hoc reporting, the Solver cloud suite offers the most comprehensive reporting solutions available.

Enjoy User-Focused Reporting Features Like:

  • Excel Design, Web Delivery: Create reports using a modern Excel add-in and deliver them as on-demand reports in a flexible cloud-based web portal application.

  • Ad Hoc Reporting: Self-service tools that answer important business questions instantly. Whenever new questions arise or additional detail is needed, users can create an on-the-fly ad hoc report, without having to rely on other teams for assistance. Extremely easy to learn.

  • Template and User-Defined Reports: Choose from our wide range of templates, or create a report from scratch with custom parameters.

  • Financial Statements, Operational Reports and More: Generate the documents you need for parameter-based, automated financial and operational reporting.

  • Workflow for Month End Close and Consolidations: Automate your workflow in Solver’s Reporting software for financial consolidations and frequent tasks.

  • Allocations: Use features across the Solver Suite to predict and create monthly or budget allocations for P&L’s and cost control at the department-, customer- or product level.

  • IFRS/GAAP and Other Consolidation Adjustments: Adjust your data with full audit trail throughout the consolidation process to meet standards such as GAAP and IFRS.

  • Fully Integrated With Solver Suite: Work across Solver Reporting, Budgeting, Dashboards and Data Warehouse with ease.

Solver Reports in Action:

Interested in learning more about Solver's comprehensive reporting capabilities? Connect with an expert at Coast Technology Services to learn what these innovative reporting solutions can do for your business.

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